Curve vessel / & then it becomes one .

Stoneware w. matte transparent glaze . 

( this vessel is watertight )


Handmade in Perth, Western Australia by Emma Lindegaard 




Free pick up from Fremantle, WA. 

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Curve vessel / & then it becomes one .

  • Emma Lindegaard's vessels are intended to live gracefully in a space, standing alone as sculptural objects, or to be used for minimal floral arranging. All vessels internally glazed, enabling them to hold water.

  • Emma Lindegaard's vessels are built entirely by hand – using the coiling method and minimal tools – over a number of days. This process allows for thoughtful modification of shape, texture and balance. Typically, refined yet gutsy surface-finishing methods complete the form – rather than the decorative application of exterior glaze – to honour the earthiness and textural beauty of the raw medium.


    The pieces are dried for 2-3 weeks, until they are ready to be bisque-fired. Each piece is then individually considered, to be dipped or poured with clear glazes imported from Kyoto, Japan, prior to glaze-firing. Styled Notion works are all internally glazed with the intent that the vessels not only resonate an aesthetic voice, but are also functional, in line with their intended purpose.