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Emma Lindegaard is a self-taught ceramic artist working from her home studio in Waylyup/Fremantle. Her objects are built entirely by hand – using the coiling method and minimal tools – over a number of days. This process allows for thoughtful modification of shape, texture and balance.


Emma's on-going development in abstract sculpture is born out of time spent immersed in the landscape, drawing inspiration from rock formations and natural structures. At the same time the work is also informed by architectural periods and design movements, as well as the modernist artists before her. Each piece is a unique expression, often led by an exploration of negative space, organic curves and clean lines; allowing room throughout the process for spontaneity, instinct and experimentation to inform the final piece.

Typically, minimal yet refined surface-finishing methods complete each piece– to honour the earthiness of the raw medium, and to emphasise the form. Textural glazes and slips are added to create a tactile response, connecting viewer with object; grounding them in time and place.

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